KEMP社製品V7.2.44 (GA) / V7.1.35.6 (LTS) ファームウェア提供情報


KEMP Technologies社からLoadMaster V7.2.44 (GA) と V7.1.35.6 (LTS) のファームウェアが提供されました。

V7.2.44 (GA)

V7.1.35.6 (LTS)

・Beta Feature: enable debug and client trace logging on a per-Virtual Service (VS) level
・Connection Analytics Metrics (RTT)
・Dell EMC ECS configuration template

・Linux-4.9.124 to provide security and stability improvements
・SNMP can now be used to retrieve SSL certificate information
・SNMP can now be used to retrieve disk usage information
・uses SAML as the Client Authentication Mode to send an Additional Authentication Header
・provide more detailed configuration error messages

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